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Conscious Capitalism 101

An introduction to Conscious Capitalism, and why it's such a transformative way to challenge, inspire, and invigorate your company or organization.  I explain the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism; Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Integration, Conscious Leadership, and Conscious Culture.  I present WHY this philosophy works and adds value to all stakeholders, and I share my first-hand experience on HOW I thrived and flourished throughout my career, creating a "Force for Good".

A Force for Good:  Start the Journey

Fasten your seatbelts for an intellectual and inspirational adventure.  We explore the need for understanding "why your organization exists", and create a Higher Purpose Statement.  We learn about stakeholders and how to create "win-win-win" relationships.  We'll develop a Culture Playbook and Leadership Checklist for your organization.  This program covers all of the bases to get you and your management team on a transformative journey to greater success and profitability.  It's designed for a minimum of one day, and many organizations will extend it an additional day for an even deeper and thorough experience.  

A Force for Good: Continuous Journey

This program includes the Force for Good program, plus on-going follow-up meetings. These follow-up meetings keep everyone on point and allows for additional coaching and collaboration. 

Additional Services
  • Speaking engagements at schools and business/community organizations

  • Executive Coaching

  • Sales Coaching

  • Virtual CEO